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    Like I mentioned in my introduction, I have been prototyping a smart medication organizer called EllieGrid in Austin. Now that I am in Houston, I am looking for a place to keep prototyping. I know about tx/rx and will be doing some work there, but we cannot use the CNC there for another 6 weeks and we cannot wait that long because we have to pitch to investors in the upcoming weeks.

    Does anyone know of anywhere I could get access to a 3-axis CNC machine at a low price?

    We have not gotten funding yet, so we cannot really afford to have someone else mill the parts for us.

    Thank you,

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    Evan Lee

    Ebay is flooded with cheap CNC’s depending on the price you need + the usability you need. I’d recommend that, and then scrap the entire electronics package it comes with and put in something based on GRBL

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    Weston Porter

    Well you said mill, that implies metal. Do you need to mill metal or can you route wood/plastics? There is a big difference in money there, most cnc mills for hire are machinist shops that have to charge you a fortune due to their high overhead.

    CNC routers on the other hand are more affordable, more hobbyists and prosumers have them and are willing to use them for you a lot cheaper.

    Same goes for what Evan said though, you can get cnc routers cheap on ebay.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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